About FTR

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, FTR Systems, Inc. is a well established and respected technology company that designs, manufactures and distributes high quality and innovative electric mobile products. Our products are sold to many markets around the world through our distribution partners.

Our products are designed and manufactured based on our proprietary robotic system using advanced sensing and motion control technology. Highest quality and reliability of our products are assured through extensive and rigorous testing both internally and externally. After-sales service is provided through our reputable Services Department directly as well as our distribution partners worldwide.

FTR products are designed by our CEO and Chief Designer Dr. Chung-Hsin Lee. Born in China and educated both in Taiwan and the U.S., Dr. Lee has a variety of training and discipline in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Business. Dr. Lee is also a rigorous entrepreneur and has had a number of successful ventures in semiconductor, etc. businesses in his 35 years of career. It is Dr. Lee's passion for creativity, innovation, and improvement of the quality of life that brought about the FTR electric mobile products.